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antrobus house

the gift that keeps on giving

Antrobus House was and remains a cherished gift.  It is a beautiful memorial to Lieutenant Edmund Antrobus, who was killed during WWI, aged 27.  Edmund was the only son of Lady Florence Antrobus. 

When Lady Florence died in 1923, it was her express wish that some personal belongings of the Antrobus family should be collected together in a suitable building as a memorial to her son, and thus Antrobus House was constructed, funded by Lady Florence. 

Construction began in 1923 and Antrobus House was formally opened in 1925.  The opening address stated : 

"It can be a place where you can find rest and amusement after hard work, a place for lectures, festive gatherings and dances. Those who visit can widen their views and broaden their education. So when you are happy sitting in the house or playing games in the garden, think gratefully sometimes of Edmund Antrobus, whose memorial it is and of his father and mother, its founder and benefactress".

In 1974 the Lady Antrobus Trust was formed and now seven local residents act as Trustees, responsible for administering the business of Antrobus House and overseeing the day-to-day running of the house.  Alongside the Trustees, a hardworking and experienced events team facilitate all our gorgeous weddings. 

It is a true testament to Lady Florence Antrobus to have had the foresight to provide Amesbury with an outstanding building, which is still used as it was originally intended, almost 100 years later!

Lady Florence Antrobus
Lt. Edmund Antrobus